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About “NIPPON”


Do you know the word “NIPPON”?
Japan has been called by the name “NIPPON” since the Nara period.( covers the years from AD 710 to 794)
Overseas our country is commonly known as “Japan”, but when Japanese people refer to our own country by name, we definitely like to say “NIPPON”!

On this site we want to share information about Japan that rings true to Japanese people, so we chose to use the name “NIPPON”, to uphold everything it stands for, and to greet the world as “NIPPON.jp” as we go forward from here.


About NIPPON.jp

NIPPON.jp is a curation site that presents sightseeing information about NIPPON for both foreign and domestic travelers.

As you all know, NIPPON is experiencing a rapidly decreasing birthrate and aging population, and our population will start to shrink in the near future.

When a country’s population decreases, GDP also decreases and that country loses power on the world stage, but one measure that we are taking to turn the situation in a positive direction is to promote NIPPON as a tourist destination.

NIPPON has attractions for all four seasons, beautiful nature and traditional culture, as well as being a world leader in fine food and shopping locations.

At a time like this, it is our pleasure to help promote NIPPON’s sightseeing potential.


*Curation refers to gathering and consolidating information on the Internet.

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