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Choosing a present for your friends abroad? Here are 10 best casual souvenirs from Japan

It can be difficult for a Japanese person to know what makes good souvenirs for people abroad. This post will help you with 10 picks of Japanese souvenirs that are easy to buy and popular for foreigners.

1.Facial sheet packs

While Japanese cosmetics are popular worldwide from expensive to casual ones, we would recommend facial pack sheets that can be used every day! There are a wide range of materials and beauty effects, and you will be sure to find one that makes your friend happy. Since they are not heavy, it is a great choice if you are shopping for many friends.


Not only the snacks that are designed as souvenirs, but also normal sweets and chocolates sold in supermarkets and convenience stores are wonderful gifts. You may think such snacks are enjoyed worldwide, but there is uniqueness in Japanese snacks that make you want to taste them again. Many of the snacks we eat everyday are actually so delicious for foreigners that they think about them for a long time after leaving Japan.


Japanese stationeries are so popular because of their quality and design, as well as durability. Something as simple as a pen is packed with technologies that make writing easy without tiring the hand. You can always write until the ink is completely finished. This is something that should not be taken for granted! Moreover, there are a wide range of stationeries that feature unique Japanese ideas and designs, which definitely would make your foreign friends surprised and elated at the same time.


Japanese toys are a great souvenir not only for kids but also for adults. There are many cheap toys that are fun even for adults to play with. From traditional toys to the inexpensive latest ones, the detailed design and high quality that are not usually found in toys are the reason behind their popularity.

5.Food samples

Food samples are created with a lot of detailed care and skillfulness that are unique to Japanese people. There are accessories and key rings that look so much like real food. More people are starting to admire food samples as a fun and surprising gift.

6.Green tea flavored food and sweets

Green tea chocolate, cookies and drinks are very common in Japan, but actually you can’t find them abroad. Matcha green tea is well known as a very Japanese ingredient that many tourists buy it in bulk.

7.Kanji (Chinese character)

How about T-shirts with Kanji or letters written in traditional Japanese calligraphy fonts? Foreigners seem to love Kanji designs even if they don’t know the meanings. On the other hand, Hiragana usually have a cute impression. As long as Kanji are printed on, you don’t have to restrict yourself to T-shirts. It seems that people abroad care more about the way the letters look and their shapes rather than the meaning. Maybe they take them more like an art.

8. Anime goods

Many foreigners appreciate anime goods. Japanese anime are really popular worldwide. Even there is Otaku culture abroad, and numerous tourists enjoy cos-play and cartoon figure dolls.
You should definitely think about the anime character goods that your friend loves, or comic books translated into English.

9. Bento lunch boxes and water bottles

When it comes to Bento culture, Japan takes the cake! People really love Bento lunch boxes and water bottles from Japan.
Detailed structure and design – there are so many types of Bento boxes, including the heat-retaining ones. They make a great souvenir especially if your friend is an ecologist, as Bento boxes are reusable!


Durable and light umbrellas are one of the most cherished Japanese products in the world. There are so many designs and print patterns, as well as functions such as light-and-small foldable ones, very strong ones, and other unique umbrellas. They can be used daily, too.

What did you think of this post? We looked for souvenirs that may be overlooked by Japanese, but are fresh and exciting for foreigners.
Please don’t forget to consider the weight and size of your souvenirs, especially if you are shipping them overseas. Look out for points like how many days they can last and if they may break during transporting.

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