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A casual experience with traditional Japanese clothes! A service where you can enjoy the city in a cultured way

When enjoying sightseeing or a date in the traditional areas of Kyoto, Asakusa, or Kamakura, it can be a new and interesting experience to explore the city in traditional Japanese clothes. We would like to introduce the traditional Japanese clothing services that tourists can enjoy without any preparation.

1.Rental kimono

Everyone wants to try a rental kimono service at least once. Recently, prices have been getting more affordable, at around 3000 yen. There are many places where you can make internet reservations or get a discount as a couple.
After making the reservation, go to the store and choose between the diverse choices of patterns and colors of the kimono and obi. I struggled so much with choosing between the patterns, so an employee helped me with my selection. Since traditional Japanese clothes have a sophisticated culture in the color and small item choices, it may also be good to get help in selecting the right kimono and accessories.
Once you select your kimono, they put it on you on the spot. Since many stores also carry the kimono undergarments and the socks, there is no need for you to come prepared with anything. They properly put the clothes on for you in about 20 minutes. While it is an additional charge, there is also the option to ask for your hair to be arranged in a way that fits the outfit, so there is again no need for you to reserve an outside hair salon.
Even more, they hold your bags for you, so you can enjoy the outfit from the morning you arrive at the tourist spot, without having to drop by the hotel first. After renting the Japanese purses and sandals, you can go off into an adventure without any heavy bags!
Most people return the outfits during the evening of that day. Since there are places that let you rent until the next day if you pay the additional fee, you are free to take your time in exploring the city. Since the laundry fee for the kimono is already included in the rental fee, it is nice to just take everything off and go home directly after.

2.A photograph with the kimono

It will be nice to have a photograph of you wearing your kimono. Generally, rental shops have an optional service where they take your photograph.
It feels like a special occasion when you are being photographed in a special studio with all the equipment, and makes for a nice memory. Moreover, there are places where you can get photographed at different locations. It is a service where a professional photographer accompanies you on your adventure, and takes the photographs of traditional buildings or scenery as a background. Since they photograph you in the recommended tourist spots, it is drastically different than photographing with your own smart phone or camera. Since a professional cameraman will be accompanying you, the price is a little higher, around 20,000 to 30,000 yen per hour. It depends on the store, but generally they photograph about 60 pictures of you, you can take the data of these photos. It may be good for a special day like a birthday or anniversary, or even for a surprise.

3.Hire rental trip

You can easily get very tired from walking in traditional Japanese clothes if you are not used to it. I want to dress up, but I also want to enjoy myself comfortably while sightseeing. This is a relatively new service that started in preparation for the Tokyo Olympics. This is a package service combining the hired car rental, kimono rental and being dressed in the kimono. The hired cars are owned by a company that specialized in the field, and there are many types of cars available. Since the driver takes you around the recommened tourist spots around Tokyo, such as the Imperial Palace and the Tokyo Sky Tree, it is a perfect plan for those who do not want to plan beforehand. The problem is the price, but a hired car tour is around 40,000 yen, while a taxi is around 20,000. It is recommended for people that want to feel like a celebrity while sightseeing. It seems like it will gain popularity among foreign tourists as well.

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