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Experience the Ultimate in Relaxation! 3 Famous Local Onsens You Should Visit If You Come to the Chūgoku Region

Come visit a place where you can forget your work and everyday stress! Today, we’ll be shining our spotlight on the Chūgoku region, and introducing well-known hot springs where you can relax to the fullest. We’ll also be sharing information on some surprisingly unknown attractions and bargains.

1.Tamatsukuri Onsen Kasuien Minami

The first place that we’ll be introducing is Kasuien Minami in spacious, beautiful Shimane Prefecture.
This inn is located at Tamatsukuri onsen, found in the shelter of Shimane’s mountains, which has been known since ancient times as “Kami no Yu” , or “the bath of the gods”.
Do you know why this onsen is known as the bath of the gods? According to the ancient legends of Izumo, those who entered the water once would be given a beautiful face and figure, and those who entered it a second time would have any injury or disease cured, no matter how severe. That’s how much of an effect these waters can have on beauty and health! There’s an abundance of different kinds to choose from, whether you’re looking for open air baths, guest room open air baths with water straight from the onsen’s source, footbaths, or women-only saunas, so you can always find the right bath to heal the fatigue of your day-to-day life.
The food you can eat here is all locally produced, and of the highest quality. Abalone steak and taimeshi (rice with sea bream) plans are available, as well as other plans that would be perfect for girls-only gatherings or families with children to enjoy! On top of that, the location is convenient, being close to famous sightseeing spots such as Izumo-taisha and the Iwami Silver Mines, so why not drop by for a visit?

2.Yunogo Onsen Kifunosato

Next up is Kifunosato in Okayama Prefecture, the Land of Sunshine.
This inn’s pride is its magnificently decorated interior. Throughout the main lounge, you’ll find seasonally-arranged flowers, tatami-matted floors, and pristine furniture, as well as handicrafts made by Okayama-based artisans. Also, Yunogo Onsen, well-known as a beauty bath, is one of the three beautifying onsens of Okayama. Stone-paved baths in beautiful gardens, medicinal steam baths, and private open air baths are available.
Selectable plans are rich in variety, and popular ones include ones that mothers and daughters can enjoy, ones to celebrate an anniversary, and gentle baths for pregnant women. Come savor a time of comfort in the calm atmosphere of Okayama Prefecture.

3.Kaike Onsen Kasuitei

Finally, we’ll be introducing Kasuitei in Tottori Prefecture, the Land of Calmness.
Kasuitei’s proudest point is its privately-owned hot spring, “Hosho no Yu”. It is unique in that it was dug out from within Kaike onsen, which is very rare, and makes it exceedingly valuable. Furthermore, these waters are effective in granting beautiful skin and a healthy body. There is a large number of baths, such as open air baths, large public baths, sleeping baths, cypress baths, and rock baths. In the large public bath, you can relax as you gaze out at the sea and listen to the sounds of the waves. There are also a number of meal plans available which will leave your spirit and stomach fully satisfied, from the highly-recommended traditional Japanese meals, where you can enjoy seasonal foods at bargain prices, to a plan featuring the head chef’s recommendations. There are also plans for those who wish to bring along their pet, another precious member of their family.

What did you think? Having your mind and body satisfied by the waters of a hot spring is wonderful, but being able to fully relax thanks to the food and inn’s hospitality is the real pleasure of going to an onsen. Why not come and savor the experience of a Chūgoku region onset?

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