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5 best flower-watching spots you must see when you visit Japan in spring

Japanese love cherry blossoms. Today I will tell you about the best of flower-watching spots I have actually visited and want you to see.
I have included spots where not only can you see beautiful cherry blossoms but also you can savor Japan’s representative mood.

1. Hirosaki Castle

The first spot is Hirosaki Castle in Aomori Prefecture. The castle and Yoshino cherry, a red bridge in the front, Mt. Iwaki in a distance. You can spread a sheet on the square and enjoy watching flowers in a relaxing manner while savoring the nostalgic mood created by a lot of stands and a hunted house. As Hirosaki Castle has moats, you can enjoy petals falling on the water. It’s a bit chilly at night, but highly recommended. As you can enjoy a different mood from day, I want you to enjoy cherry blossoms day and night both.

2. Kakunodate

The second spot is Kakunodate in Akita Prefecture. Here weeping cherry blossoms along the old samurai residence are impressive. Those of who come to Japan looking for its uniqueness will be surely delighted to see this. You have to wonder the flowers have been in bloom since the era of samurai. Also, the bank away from the samurai residence is strewn with Yoshino cherry blossoms, so you can still enjoy them even in off-season. However, this is a popular tourist spot, so you should arrive early in the morning before tourist buses come and savor the Japanese flavor while wandering around the quiet samurai residence.

3. Sesson-an

The third spot is Sesson-an in Koriyama, Fukuoka Prefecture. This is supposed to be a place where Sesson, a painter/monk from the Muromachi period, spent his last days. It’s not that well-known for a flower-watching spot, but if you understand the flavor of the combination of a bamboo forest and weeping cherry trees, you must be a great fan of Japanese culture.

4. Chidorigafuchi

The fourth spot is Chidorigafuchi in Chiyoda, Tokyo. Located in Tokyo, but you can enjoy flowers in a relaxed manner while waking along the promenade. Also, from the moat of the Imperial Palace, you can walk to various flower-watching spots such as Yasukuni Shrine, Sotobori Park, and Chidorigafuchi. This place is also lit up at night. I recommend you enjoy the fantastic mood of Yoshino cherry blossoms floating on the moat on a boat. If you wander around in Tokyo in spring, you should visit this place among others.

5. Yoshinoyama

Lastly, the fifth spot is Yoshinoyama in Nara Prefecture. You can see this place after visiting temples and shrines around Kyoto and Nara on an extended trip. Here more than 30,000 trees of approximately 200 kinds are found here, mostly shiroyamazakura. As you can see 1,000 trees at once glance, it’s called “1,000 trees at a glance.” As it’s divided into 4 sections, flowers start to bloom from early April to late April, from the foot of the mountain to the peak, so you can enjoy them for a long time. As it’s lit up at night, it finds itself in a subtle and profound atmosphere, completely different from daytime. As it’s a mountain, you should bring something to put on against the night cold while enjoying cherry blossoms at night.

These are only some of the many cherry blossom spots all over Japan. It’s fun to visit places even they are not very popular and find your favorite spots. Why don’t you find your own spots while you’re at it?

Top image:るるぶ.com

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