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Places you’ve got to visit in Japan! 5 of the best locations to view Mount Fuji

For international tourists, Mount Fuji will be one of the first things that comes to mind when picturing Japan. But, what about those who’ve never had a proper look at it? That’s why we’re introducing 5 locations in Japan that have stunning views of Mount Fuji, which international tourists should know about.

1: Lake Tanuki

Lake Tanuki is in the Shizuoka Prefecture. The appeal of this place is in “Diamond Fuji”. “Diamond Fuji” is when the sunrise aligns perfectly with the summit of Mount Fuji, and creates a beautiful, glistening sight. The phenomenon can be difficult for even locals to see, as timing and weather conditions can affect it, so you’ll need a bit of luck to catch this. But if you do, it will definitely be a memory to last a lifetime!

2: Fuji-Q Highland

I’m sure there are many people who’d be surprised that you can see Mount Fuji from an amusement park, and the truth is, it’s a well kept secret. The mountain is clearly visible even on Fuji-Q Highland rides, such as the roller coaster called “Fujiyama”. But you’ll only get to see it for a second, since you are riding a roller coaster after all. There are plenty of other fun attractions to go on once you’ve finished looking at the view, so you’ll certainly have a good time here! It boasts of numerous roller coasters, so is definitely recommended to those who want to experience a thrill.

3: Fujiyama Onsen

Fujiyama Onsen is a hot springs facility in the Yamanashi Prefecture. Since it was built so close to Mount Fuji, you see the dynamic mountain from the outdoor spa, and the view really is superb. But it’s not just good for the views – it’s wonderful to soak in the water and relax after your travels. Those who’d like to try going to a Japanese onsen, but don’t find the standard ones satisfactory, should definitely come here and look at the view!

4: Lake Yamanaka

Lake Yamanaka is counted as one of the Fuji Five Lakes. You can go for a bike ride whilst looking at Mount Fuji! Admiring the view whilst cycling, which has become popular with international tourists over the last few years, gives you a completely different impression to when you look at it standing still or walking. Don’t worry – those who don’t have a bike can rent one at the lake.

5: Hakone

Hakone is incredibly popular with international tourists as a famous Japanese hot spring. But its appeal is not just in the hot spring itself. The view of Mount Fuji from the Hakone ropeway is another of its charms. The green leaves in summer and red leaves in fall are amazing, but in the winter, it’s beautiful to see the snow piled up on the summit, and it looks most classically like Mount Fuji, so I recommend this in particular. There are plenty of other tourist spots in Hakone, such as Owakudani, so you can easily spend the day here.

Even though Mount Fuji is always just Mount Fuji, it can appear so different depending on where you look at it. It can also be amazing to see the scenery change completely for each of the four seasons. Fall, in particular, with its red leaves, is indescribably beautiful.

Even though the mountain is over 3000m tall, there may still be times when you can’t see it at all, depending on your location and bad weather. Weather on the mountain changes quickly, so it’s not that often that you’ll have a clear view of it. Those who get a beautiful view of it are really lucky! It can be visible from Tokyo, from the Skytree or Tokyo Tower, but again, this is dependent on good weather. So those who really want to see Fuji should read these over recommendations! You might not just want to look at it, you might want to climb it too!

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