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Popular with foreign tourists! Five points you should definitely know about before climbing Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan that has been recognized as a World Heritage Site, has now become a spot that is visited by many foreign tourists. However, you must prepare if you are going to climb it. Here we introduce five points that you should definitely know about before climbing the mountain.

1. Prepare proper clothing.

The first point is clothing. Among those who come for tourism, there are some in sandals and dresses who try to climb the mountain in light clothing just like they were going for a walk in a neighborhood park. However, Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. You cannot climb to the top of the mountain in such clothing.
Even if you become hot, your body temperature will drop as you sweat, and since the temperature falls and the wind becomes stronger the closer you get to the top of the mountain, your effective temperature will drop more and more.
Therefore, you need clothes with long sleeves and long pants that are easy to move in and that properly cover your arms and legs! Quick-drying material would be good that can deal with sweat and when it rains. When you wear shoes that are waterproof and can evaporate moisture, you will be able to walk properly even when it rains. In addition, since climbing a mountain for a long time puts a burden on your leg muscles, you should carry trekking poles to reduce the burden and disperse the weight.

2. Prepare proper meals and food.

The second point is meals. Since you are climbing the mountain for a long time, you will consume quite a lot of energy. Since you can’t stop at a convenience store along the way, you will need to prepare the food and water that you will carry. (However, if it is too heavy it is a burden when climbing!) Carbohydrates that can be immediately transformed into physical energy are the best food. You can easily replenish your energy with such things as rice balls or bar-type nutritional supplements.
Two liters of water is required when climbing Mt. Fuji. While it is possible to purchase at mountain huts along the way, be aware that it is kind of expensive.

3. Prepare for lavatory needs.

The third point is toilets. Similar to food, you cannot easily stop for the toilet. While there are shared toilets in mountain huts and on the summit, you should basically go to the toilet before you start climbing. If you eat while climbing and feel the urge to go, you should use the toilets available at the mountain huts. Since you are on a mountain, water is precious unlike at lower elevations, and waste cannot be dealt with easily. Since they are difficult to maintain and manage, the toilets are basically pay toilets. And be aware that there are toilets that cannot flush away toilet paper.

4. Take care against altitude sickness.

The fourth point is altitude sickness. If you climb a high mountain, the air becomes thinner and you can get altitude sickness. So that this does not happen, instead of suddenly climbing the mountain, you should get your body acclimated to the thinner air by spending a few hours at the Fifth Station which can be reached by car. If you still get altitude sickness, instead of pushing yourself you should bravely descend the mountain.

5. Be careful about the time of day that you climb the mountain.

The fifth point is the time of day that you climb. While there are many people who tackle the climb at night because they want to see the sunrise at the summit, it is difficult for beginners to climb with determination on a dark path! Since, because of that, there are many people who run out of steam midway, it is best to first gain experience by climbing during the day and taking your time.


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