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If you come to Miyagi, you absolutely need to try these foods. Here are my 3 choices of unique out-of-the-way gourmet spots in Miyagi, that I can tell you because I am a local.

When we mention Miyagi fine food, what is usually coming to everybody’s mind ? Probably the first thing that will come to the mind for most people is “cow tongue”. However, the cow tongue is not the only fine food that the prefecture of Miyagi is proud of ! Just because I am a local, I would like to introduce to you here the three unique and out-of-the-way food spots of the prefecture of Miyagi that I know.

1: Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) “Katsusei” (Sendai)

This is a famous restaurant for breaded pork cutlet that anybody from Sendai has already been once, or has already heard about. The attractive point there is definitely the juicy pork loin cutlet. It is so tender that you can easily cut it with chopsticks, and as you do so the meat juice overflows. First, I recommend to eat this breaded pork cutlet without adding anything. You can eat it deliciously as the pork meat flavor will fill your mouth ! Of course you can also put sauce on it, but its particularity is that it is so light that even only with salt you will finish it up.

2: Pensee’s oyster curry bread (Matsushima)

Let me introduce a curry bread made with a whole oyster, product of the sea of Matsushima, the tourist area in Miyagi that everybody knows ! You might think “Oyster and curry, does it go well together ?” “Is it right to use oyster as bread filling ?” However, it is a surprisingly good match ! As the oyster is well cooked, even the people who dislike the fishy taste of the oyster can enjoy the curry taste without worrying. Of course, there is no mistake that the people who love oysters will be satisfied with this harmony of taste. This curry bread is so popular that it sometimes sells more than 1,000 units a day. Therefore I recommend that you buy it quickly before it sells out. This taste is found only in Matsushima so please drop by on your way to sightseeing.

3: Hikoichi Zunda-mochi (green soybean rice cake) (Sendai)

If you go to Miyagi prefecture, especially in the city of Sendai, you absolutely cannot go home without eating a zunda-mochi. Hikoichi is a shop that provides in addition to the zunda-mochi 11 sorts of specially made sweets such as anmitsu. The zunda-mochi is well filled with zunda paste, and as it is not so sweet, even the people who usually dislike sweets will eat it up in a blink. This shop also used to be a Japanese-style restaurant, the exterior has kept the atmosphere, and inside the shop you can feel the good old Japan. The possibility to enjoy a meal in a calm atmosphere is the attractive point. For the people who only want to go eat the zunda-mochi, I recommend that you have it as topping on the anmitsu.

What did you think of these spots ? This time I have narrowed down my recommendations to my 3 favorite spots, but in the prefecture of Miyagi, there also are a lot various and attractive restaurants. This is a place where you can enjoy not only history tourism but also largely food tourism. So when you visit for tourism or for work, please do try to find your own favorite gourmet spot.

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