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These You Should Know! 3 of Fukushima’s Hidden Gems According to Locals

Travel destinations in Fukushima include many historical sights and beautiful nature. Aizu Region has been in the spotlight after a period drama was filmed there a few years ago, attracting many tourists from the prefecture and elsewhere to see the filming locations.
Fukushima has many well-known tourist destinations, but there are also hidden gems mostly visited by the locals. Here are some of Fukushima’s lesser known gems.

1. Fukushima Sky Park (Fukushima City)

Sky Park is conveniently located just 10 km northwest of central Fukushima City but often overlooked in favor of more renowned tourist spots.
On the premises there is an agricultural road that has been turned into a runway, the locals now cherishing it as an airport for air sports. Normally the airport is used by airplanes to practice taking off and landing, but depending on the month events may also be arranged, including motorcycle shows, disaster prevention practices and the Japan National Aerobatic Championships held in October where you can see both real and RC planes from a close distance. This is an excellent destination if you want to experience a different side of Fukushima or are traveling with children who love planes. Please check the event schedule on the homepage.

2. UFO Village (Iino, Fukushima City)

This UFO Village includes a UFO Exploration Hall where you will find many fun and interesting materials concerning UFOs. There have been many sightings of mysterious flying objects in Iino from time immemorial, so the area is well-known among UFO enthusiasts because of its many mystery zones.
Real photos by actual UFO witnesses, magnetic UFO models also suitable for children, and a 3D where you can learn about UFOs ensure that visitors ranging from hardcore UFO enthusiasts to children can all have a slightly peculiar but exciting time at the UFO Exploration Hall.
Moreover, the hall is equipped with an observation bath, and the entrance fee entitles you to enter the open air bath for free to enjoy the scenery. There is also a spacious Japanese-style resting area, so why not stop by to have a short break on your trip.

3. St. Anna’s Garden (Fukushima City)

Located at the foot of Mt. Azuma, St. Anna’s Garden has a European atmosphere. The main attraction is St. Anna’s Church, but there are also many shops selling quirky products. St. Anna’s Garden is a popular destination where you can explore, eat and shop all at once.
Do not miss the fireworks in the summer! The fireworks can be seen up from the restaurants, so this hidden gem offers a slightly different fireworks experience from the usual. The shops and other establishments have been built very close together, so checking the guide on the homepage will ensure you will have a smooth experience.

What do you think? Here we narrowed the many hidden gems of Fukushima down to three, but there are also many other lesser known places worth visiting in Fukushima. Why not find your own favorites to visit?

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