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When you come to Saintama, you should try this dish! My 3 personal gourmet selections off the beaten path

What does come to your mind when you hear gourmet food in Saitama? This time I’ll tell you about 3 selected dishes popular among local people off the beaten path.

1. Savor inarizushi in Chichibu!

Speaking of a tourist spot in Saitama, the representative is Chichibu, after all. So let’s start with gourmet food in Chichibu. Waraji katsudon, miso marinated pork, and miso potatoes are often found in guidebooks, but why don’t we try inarizushi at Takeshimaya as a less conventional choice? Founded in 1916, it’s a famous restaurant. The old-fashioned facade is very simple. At first sight, you may not be completed to eat it. However, at a closer look the pouch looks so shiny. This inari is so sweet! This flavor is rather strong. When you eat it first thing in the morning, you feel your energy being charged. And this sushi set contains a kanoyo roll, which is delicious. It’s also sweet flavored, but with a lot of wasabi, it tastes great. Even if you don’t make it to the restaurant, you will usually find it at Chichibu Station, so please give it a try.

2. Give Musashino udon a try!

Saitama boasts an udon production volume second only to Kagawa Prefecture. Saitama has attractive local udon such as Kasu, Okegawa, and Konosu, but this time we will focus on Musashino udon “Suttate.” Suttate is a local dish in Kawashima-cho. You dip udon into a soup of grinded sesame mixed with macrophyll, zingiber mioga, cucumber, and miso. The point is to use water instead of soup stock, bringing out the flavors of vegetables, sesame, and miso sufficiently, suitable for hot summer. Among them, Teuchi Udon Shoji is a famous restaurant, often making an appearance in the udon competition. As it’s not far from Koedo Kawagoe, a tourist spot, so please stop by.

3. Rarity Natto okaki

Lastly, Natto okaki is a cracker. Founded 80 years ago, Kintoki Beika makes Natto okaki! Okaki made of nationally produced mochi rice with an ample amount of cheese and natto with shredded green onions, which is exquisite. It’s a perfect combination. This is the devil’s invention, as you can’t stop eating it once you start! Kintoki Beika’s products are available at a historical stylish store called Okaki dokoro Torabue, located in Totsuka, Kawaguchi City. A small bag of 6 pieces of natto okaki costs a bit more than 300 yen. They will be gone in no time. Incidentally, flavors such as wasabi and curry are available.

What did you think? This time we focus on just 3 items. When you visit Saitama, please find other gourmet dishes as well.

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