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Try these when you visit Ishikawa! Three secret gourmet spots only known to locals!

If you come to Ishikawa, there are many awesome places where we’d like you eat, but here we will introduce three amazingly delicious but secret gourmet foods that are popular with the locals.

1. Eat home-grown oysters at Noto Osyter Road (Noto Kaki Gaido)

Noto, Ishikawa is praised for its oysters in a famous seasonal poem known by many Japanese people. These delicacies from Anamizu are also available in Kanazawa, but if you’re traveling all the way to the Noto area, there’s no better way to try it than straight from the source!
Oysters from Anamizu can be found at the gourmet spot, Noto Kaki Gaido (Noto Oyster Road). There, you can find vendors and restaurants selling fresh oysters. It’s located along the Nanao Harbor Anamizu area’s highway. In the winter, it becomes a hot spot for oysters, and many people visit it, giving it a friendly and lively atmosphere.
The hidden spot here that many locals visit is “Kaki-dokoro Kai.” Its charm lies in the fresh, plump oysters taken straight from the ocean where the restaurant lies. They harvest and serve them right on the spot. Eating here will definitely remain with you as an unforgettable and dynamic memory.
The restaurant is open during oyster season, which starts from October and ends in May. It’s only open from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., so be sure to check if they’re open before you visit!

2. Easily taste the fresh, plentiful seafood!

Among the gourmet spots the locals are proud of here in Ishikawa, there is a small Japanese-style pub restaurant named “Tokkuri-Ya” located about 15 minutes from Kanazawa station that is visited by many people who live there. At first sight, it might not look extremely extravagant, but it actually has an extremely gorgeous sashimi platter that is famous among the local residents. The sashimi is cut into thick slices and packed onto a plate along with chilled tofu. People from the area highly recommend it. As it is an extremely popular place, be sure to make a reservation beforehand!

3. Popular with the ladies! Why not try some fruits?

The last secret gourmet spot, “Fruit Parlor Murahata,” is famous for its unbeatable fruit parfaits, which any girl would fall head-over-heels in love with. This restaurant has a ground-level fruit grocery store, and the second floor is a fruit parlor.
During strawberry season from January to May, they serve strawberry parfaits and amaou (a brand of strawberries) strawberry parfaits.
Take note of the quality and quantity of those strawberries! They pack in about 40 of them into their parfaits! What luxury!
While also providing generous amounts of strawberries, you can also gape at the reasonable price they’ve set it at! The cost performance is incredible with such great strawberries, so locals are proud of this simple fruit parlor that they consider heavenly.

What do you think? In this article, we’ve introduced just a few local gourmet spots to check out, but Ishikawa has tons of other wonderful places to eat at, too. We hope you find a new favorite among them!

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