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Everyone needs to know about…Yamanashi! The top 3 hidden spots only locals know about.

Near Tokyo and encircled by Mount Fuji and the southern alps, you’ll find the Yamanashi prefecture.
This time, we’ll be introducing some of the top hidden sightseeing spots in this picturesque area.

Spot 1: A delicious fruit-picking experience

Yamanashi is the number one producer of grapes and peaches in Japan! There’s always an abundance of fresh fruit in this prefecture.
There’s plenty of great spots whether you’re foraging for grapes, peaches, or strawberries. And of course, they taste all the better when you pick them yourselves! When you’re done with that, there’s other exciting experiences in Yamanashi too, whether it’s making your own soba noodles, or signing up for reenactments of the Battles of Kawanakajima: so why not come along to a prefecture that’s both delicious and fun?

Spot 2: Rejuvenate your body and mind in the onsen town of Isawa

In 1961, a now-famous hot spring sprang up in Isawa, located in Fuefuki. Originally it was used by farmers, but gradually lodgings began to appear around it, creating the picturesque onsen town we know today. How does resting your tired body in a town shielded from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo by the mountains sound? The calls of birds will take you away from busy city life, as the beauty of the countryside soaks into you. Sometimes, there’ll be magnificent firework displays, perfect for after you’ve finished bathing.

Spot 3: From sweets to wine, factory tours

Kikyouya Shingenmochi, as seen on TV. It also does factory tours, as well as offering a delightful chance to pack fruits or sweets – delicious things of all shapes and sizes. It’s perfect for those with children.
And for the grown-ups, there’s a local winery. Making the most of Yamanashi’s abundance of grapes and water, there’s plenty of wineries which will show you around.
If you like grapes and alcohol, this is the place – from wine-tasting to a selection of fine wines and grape juices. Besides the wine, there’s also whisky and mineral water factories – the latter’s your chance to taste fresh water from Mount Fuji and the southern alps around you!

So, how about it? There’s so many other attractions, but we’ve started you off with our three favorites here. Please come along for yourselves and try out everything we have to offer, from rejuvenating onsens to factory tours and other new experiences!

Top image:ぶどう狩りNavi

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