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I want everyone to know! 3 private out-of-the way tourist spots in Nagano. They’re in the local area so I can guide you there.

Nagano has many tourist destinations. There are also a lot of little-known spots unique to the locality that can be found in the wide region. I thought I’d introduce you to private secluded destinations that aren’t so well-known, or rather, spots that should be well-known but no one has been paying attention.

1. Enjoy horseback riding and soba noodles at the Kaida highlands

The Kaida highlands of Kiso town, which is said to be the hometown of the Kiso horses and soba noodles, can be considered as the representative of out-of-the-way spots.
The Kaida highlands are located at a high elevation, and it is the perfect place as a summer getaway because the average temperature stays around 20 degrees even in the hot months. You can experience horseback riding on the famous Kiso horses or try making hand pulled soba yourself. You can fully enjoy the natural scenery, far away from the city, and experience actual horseback riding at the highlands which will give you very fond memories. If you only want to watch the horseback riding there will be no charge, so you can enjoy the Kaida highlands to your heart’s content just by the sight of the horses being led and ridden while taking your lunch.

2. Infiltrate the cockpit of a fighter aircraft at the Hijiri museum

The Hijiri museum quietly stands in the village of Omi. This too is considered as a sightseeing destination far from the beaten path.
The museum displays a grand total of 1500 objects related to the folklore of the area, antiquities, as well as insect specimens and fossils. You can view the various exhibit items that come from the locality as well as the prefecture.
Even among these, what is special are the actual fighter planes in the grounds of the museum, as well as the main armament of a battleship. Depending on the day there are several types of fighter planes on display. You can take a peek or actually sit in the cockpits so it’s hugely popular with parents who bring along their kids. When you visit be sure to ask the staff to let you inside the plane. Viewing the grounds where the planes are on exhibit is free of charge so how about casually stopping by when you’re touring Omi village?

3. Take pleasure in the elegant hot springs of the historical Kanaguya Inn

Lastly are the historical lodgings known as the Kanaguya inn. It is located in the town of Yamanouchi, in the county of Shimotakai. It became the model for the anime “Spirited away” which is well known inside and outside the country. There are several hot springs inside the inn, giving a high degree of satisfaction to visiting guests, but it is still a secluded destination.
The charm of Kanaguya is having several hot springs with a diverse range of efficacy. In addition, the area around Kanaguya has become a hot spring town so you can enjoy the natural scenery while having a pleasant time in the many hot springs in the area.
What’s more, the breakfasts and dinners offered, which include locale cuisine, are extremely highly regarded so it is the best place to stay and take it easy and relax.

What do you think? Out of the many tourist destinations in Nagano, I have picked only 3 private secluded spots. When you come to Nagano you definitely must give them a try.

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