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If you ever come to Nagano, be sure to give it a try! 3 gourmet dishes off the beaten path selected by locals

As Nagano is long from north to south, each area has its own specialty and delicious dishes. Today I’ll talk about selected rarity among them.

1. Oidare yakitori in Ueda

First, we start with Ueda’s local gourmet dish as it gathers attention with the taiga drama ”Sanadamaru” being filmed there. What’s famous in Ueda is grilled chicken dipped in sauce called “oidare,” which consists of garlic and other fruits. You can’t resist the smells of garlic and soy sauce coming from this gourmet yakitori. Follow this fragrance and give it a try.

2. Rarity in Karuizawa, mocha soft

Secondly, I recommend Karuizawa. A well-known summer resort, it also provides plenty of fun experiences as it’s equipped with hot springs and outlet shopping malls. Karuizawa is home to many unique restaurants, and today I recommend Mikado Cafe, famous for its “mocha soft.” As soft serve ice cream with the aroma of mocha coffee, its sweetness is somewhat subdued. It’s so popular that people form a long line for it. However, the line moves quite smoothly, stay in line until you get your dessert.

3. Savoring buckwheat noodle in Togakushi

Togakushi is our third gourmet spot in Nagano as it’s full of delicious soba restaurants. This place is busy with those who visit Togakushi Shrine for worship and skiers who come to ski in Togakushi in winter. As Togakushi’s buckwheat noodle is nationally famous, you should not miss it! Soba, served in a manner called “bocchimori,” has excellent fragrance and goes down smoothly. You have to wait in line to enter popular soba restaurants, but luckily unknown places also offer excellent dishes of buckwheat noodles. As mushrooms and tempura seasonal wild vegetables are delicious, so you should order them as well.
Also, you should get soba karinto, made of soba powder, as a souvenir. You can snack them away and they are gone in no time, but they are yet relatively unknown.

How about it? As you can enjoy its local flavors in each area in Nagano, you should give other local gourmet dishes a try in addition to the ones we have talked about.

Top image:楽園信州

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