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What to eat in Shizuoka! A local’s take on the top 3 gourmet hot-spots in Shizuoka.

If you ever find yourself in Shizuoka, check out these secret gourmet hotspots when you’re out and about.

1. Try the “Genkotsu Hamburger”!

First, I can’t recommend “Charcoal-Grilled Restaurant Sawayaka” enough.
As any Shizuokan can tell you, this hamburger-steak restaurant chain is exclusive to the Shizuoka prefecture, and is the first place Shizuokans go to eat after coming home.
The “Genkotsu Hamburger” on the menu board is actually a giant burger which is delivered and sliced in half right in front of you, then flattened on an iron plate to sizzle in its own juices. The burgers barely fit on the plate, but topped with the restaurant’s original onion sauce, men and women of all ages can’t help but scarf the whole thing down.
Sawayaka uses 100% beef for their hamburgers, so I recommend ordering one rare, but feel free to order it well-done if you’d prefer.

2. Try the fresh fish and Hamamatsu’s famous eel!

Next, you should check out Manmatsu, a Japanese-style restaurant in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. After all, what comes to mind when you say Shizuoka but fresh seafood and eel! You can enjoy eel as well as the freshes catches in season right here in the shop.
The menu board features what else but Hamamatsu’s famous eel. The soft, fluffy texture of the living eels they use in their dishes make them a hot seller, and sometimes they’ll run out for the day. Their menu also boasts several meal sets in addition to their famous eel, featuring sashimi, tempura, boiled, and grilled dishes using only the freshes catches.
I recommend the Manmatsu lunch special which is available on weekdays.
It’s a generously-portioned lunch that includes sashimi, tempura, and kobachi made of the freshest fish, served with pickled vegetables, rice, and miso soup, all for the low price of 1,000 yen. You’re sure to leave not only with a full belly, but a full wallet, too!

3. Finally, enjoy a good time and even better food at the Italian restaurant, “Tarutaruga.”

The restaurant’s theme is enjoying authentic Italian food in a relaxing setting. You can order as much food as you’d like at this all-you-can-eat restaurant without worrying about time, with over 30 varieties of hand-made, piping-hot fresh pastas and pizzas to fill yourself up on. The salad bar featuring seasonal vegetables and side dishes, the create-your-own parfait bar, and the waffle bar where you can bake and dress your meal up just as you’d like are all all-you-can-eat as well, making this the perfect spot for an outing with friends, couples on dates, and even families with small children.
One of the best parts is that the price is the same whether you’re eating for lunch or dinner, and without being constrained for time, you’re able to eat your fill and stay just as long as you’d like.

There are plenty of other places to enjoy the special foods that Shizuoka has to offer, but these are my recommendations. If your travels ever take you there, I hope this helps you enjoy your stay.

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