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You must taste this if you go to Kakogawa (Hyogo prefecture)! A guide to the deliciousness of “katsumeshi”, a hidden and unique gourmet dish!

Exactly like anywhere else in Japan, even in Hyogo the citizens have several local gourmet dishes among their favourites. For example, Kobe, the prefectural capital, is quite famous nationwide for its gourmet Kobe beef brands. However, if you move west from Kobe for less than 1 hour, you will be able to taste “katsumeshi”, a gourmet dish that has been receiving appreciation from the locals since ancient times. Now, let me tell you more about this hidden and unique gourmet dish called katsumeshi!

1. What is katsumeshi?

Katsumeshi was originally invented as a dish of beef cutlets and rice served together in the same plate. At that time, beef cutlets were very popular, but there weren’t enough plates to serve them and the rice separately, so they started this new style of serving them to the customers in one plate, which made them even easier to eat and more delicious, to the extent that this dish took a firm hold. Nowadays, a lot of people visit Kakogawa with the only purpose of eating katsumeshi.

2. Going to Kakogawa to eat katsumeshi

In Kakogawa there are nearly 100 restaurants where you can have katsumeshi. That’s how popular it is! Each katsumeshi restaurant has a menu with its own unique ideas, but in some of them you will be able to find the original tricolour sauce made with demi glace, cream and basil. Also, in many places it is also possible to choose among pork cutlets or wagyu (Japanese beef), apart from the classic beef cutlets. When you go eat katsumeshi, you may want to pick a restaurant that will allow you to choose from several types of sauces and cutlets. Lately, local gourmet dishes from every area are becoming quite popular, so even katsumeshi is probably going to boom nationwide!

3. Win with katsumeshi!

There is one more interesting fact about katsumeshi. Since in Japanese “katsu” means “to win”, there are many students or parents who eat katsumeshi hoping for some good luck during the exams season. That’s why katsumeshi is very popular among examinees too. To people who live in Kansai, Kakogawa is at a reasonable distance and very easy to access, so whenever you’re in for a competition or an exam, why don’t you visit Kakogawa and have some katsumeshi for a stroke of good fortune?

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