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I want people to know more about Kagawa! Here are my three personal favorite little- known hot spots in Kagawa.

As I look out on to the beautiful Seto Inland Sea, I think that the word picturesque perfectly describes Kagawa Prefecture, or the native-born Udon Prefecture as it is known throughout Japan. Kagawa Prefecture’s slogan is “we’re no just the Udon Prefecture.” In order for you to fully enjoy Kagawa Prefecture with its multiplicity of attractions, I am going to introduce you to three little-known hot spots in my hometown.

1. Flower Park Urashima (Mitoyo City)

As one of my recommendations as a little-known hot spots in Kagawa Prefecture (not only know for its udon) I am going to start with Flower Park Urashima. Located on magnificent agricultural land, it is a park with lovely flowers that come to full bloom respectively each season. Marigolds bloom from the end of March, followed by marguerites and poppies from mid April to around the end of May. Also cosmos bloom all at once from the middle of September to the middle of October. With a bed of flowers that span out as far as one can see, the pure white marguerites sway in the wind and the multi-colored cosmos seem to continue endlessly like a scene from a painting. As you walk through the path made up by these flowers you are taken away by the marvelous illusion that you have arrived in someplace like heaven.
I recommend May as the best season to visit Flower Park Urashima. The entire field is covered in blossoming pure white marguerites. it looks as if it’s overflowing with the loveliness of a bride; I want you to visit this beautiful scene once. Moreover, Flower Park Urashima is a place where you will be enveloped in the fragrance of flowers while you are also directly looking out on to the transparent waters and high waves of the Seto Inland Sea. So you could even say this is the best place to refresh and detox your mind.

2. Chichibugahama- beach (Mitoyo City)

Chichibugahama-beach is a long beach approximately one kilometer in length and the pride of the Seto Inland Sea with its distinctive calm and beautiful swimming area. In my hometown it is famous for its evening landscape where you can see the lovely sunset. Its beautiful and glistening evening sun, setting into a vast horizon, is so beautiful it has been chosen as one of Japan’s top 100 sunsets. If you visit Kagawa Prefecture, I definitely want you to know about this hidden tourist spot.
Also, close to Chichibugahama-beach is a beach called “Kamonokoshi.” According to legend, this is where Urashima Taro rescued a turtle from a group of bullies. At low tide you can walk across to this island. Kamonokoshi is also one of the beaches known for its beautiful sunsets.

3. Tanikawabeikokuten’s shoyu udon (town of Manno)

My last recommendation for a little- known hot spot absolutely has to be the shoyu ramen at Tanikawabeikokuten, an udon shop in one of the most unexplored areas. As Kagawa Prefecture is known as the Udon Prefecture, many of the famous udon shops are crowded with people, but for those who are in know, this little-known hot spot’s shoyu ramen is extraordinary.
While it is a local udon shop located in a rural landscape, its specialty item, the shoyu udon, is superb. On to their freshly made udon, they pour soy sauce, and add scallions and green chili peppers. Despite the simplicity of this udon, this shop is so famous among the locals that it is said that there is not a local person who has not heard of it. It is astonishingly cheap and is famous for being a place where you can savor the essence of genuine Sanuki udon, so please go there to try the real Sanuki udon.

Top image:物語を届けるしごと

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