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I Want Everyone to Know Nagasaki Better! 3 Little-Known Nagasaki Scenic Spots from a Local

The nightscapes of Nagasaki are so beautiful that they were listed in the new Top 3 Night Views in the World and Top 3 Night Views of Japan. The prefecture is bordered by the sea to the west, so its sunsets are also famed for their beauty. Nagasaki has many islands, but there are many gorgeous beaches not listed in guidebooks. If you come to Nagasaki, please be sure to enjoy the nighttime scenery, sunsets, and beaches.

1. The Nabekanmuriyama Park Viewing Platform Nightscape

When it comes to Nagasaki night views, Mt. Inasa is famous for its scenery, but another little-known spot popular among locals for its night view is the Nabekanmuriyama Park Viewing Platform. Locals affectionately call Nabekanmuri “nabekaburi-yama,” a play on words that means “pot helmet mountain.” The viewing platform is located at an elevation of 169m, so you can appreciate beautiful scenery much closer here than at Mt. Inasa.
This night view contains a distinctive bowl-shaped depression. The beautiful scenery seems to be studded with jewels, and since it offers an unbroken view of Nagasaki Port, you can also watch large cruise ships pulling in. The viewing platform has become even more ideal for nighttime viewing since renovations were finished in April 2016. Already went to Mt. Inasa? Try visiting here to further enjoy the nightscapes of Nagasaki from many angles. The gorgeous view that unfolds before your eyes is sure to awe.

2. Fully Enjoy the Sunset with the Sasebo City Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort Sunset Cruise

For full enjoyment of the sunset, we recommend the Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort Sunset Cruise in Sasebo City. “Kujukushima” means “99 islands,” referring to the many islands dotting the sea about 25km outside of Sasebo Port. But there are actually more islands than the name implies: over 200. Gazing at the sun sinking into these islands during a cruise is very romantic. The cruise departs in concert with the sun.
As the sun sets, the red sky stretching over the sea dyes the sea red in reflection, and the black forms of the interweaving islands create an incredibly beautiful contrast. Without doubt, it will be an unforgettable memory.

3. Most Beautiful in Japan: Takahama Ocean Swimming

Do you know about the picturesque ocean swimming beach of Takahama in the Goto Islands? It is called the “most beautiful in Japan,” and is famous for the exceptionally high transparency of its waters. This transparent underwater view is truly entrancing, and when you actually lay eyes on it, your breath will catch at its beauty. Goto itself is a calm rural town uncrowded by tourists: locals go to swim in this little-known, picturesque spot.
The beach sand is a smooth powder that feels pleasant on bare feet. As you look out on the blue sky, too-clear sea, and white beach, the beauty of it all will make you forget you’re in Japan. Even if you just visit to have a stroll, don’t miss this spot of great allure.

To visit the places introduced here, you have to go a ways from tourist areas, but you’ll encounter gorgeous scenery that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Please make absolutely sure to visit.

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