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A must-eat when you are in Nagasaki! My 3 personal favorite little-known gourmet spots that I can recommend because they are local.

Nagasaki is a city characterized by a foreign feel. It features a unique scenery and nightscape of residential buildings extending to the top of the mountain, and streetcars running throughout the city. If you make a trip to Nagasaki, you would not want to miss all of its delicious offerings. Here are 3 local-favorite gourmet spots that you will not find in guidebooks.

1. Chanpon “Kyorakuen”

Nagasaki is known for Chanpon and Sara Udon. This restaurant is away from Chinatown, which is where most tourists end up.
“Kyorakuen,” located on the road along the famous sightseeing spot, “Meganebashi,”is known for the quality of food among the Nagasaki locals, who have grown up eating a variety of Chanpon and Sara Udon. Its modest storefront is easily missed, but the restaurant has many local regulars.
In addition to the delicious Chanpon and Sara Udon, it offers amazing Karaage and fried rice. If you are hungry, try them along with Chanpon and/or Sara Udon, or share various dishes with your group. Stop here after visiting Meganebashi to satisfy your hunger.

2. A small cake shop in a back street, “Neo Classic Clover”

Desserts at “Neo Classic Clover,” a small cake shop located on a back street of “Minato Park” near Shinchi Chinatown, are amazing, and definitely worth a try. “Nagasaki Ishidatami Chocolat,”an eight-layer chocolate cake, has won the top place in “All Japan Local Dessert Ranking.”This chef’s specialty cake is definitely worth a try.
That is not all they have. “Sasa Crepe” is hugely popular among the locals. Moist and soft crepe dough holds copious amounts of whipped cream, custard, and chunks of fruits. The cream is not too sweet, and you can choose between bananas or strawberries for the fruit. Bananas are particularly delicious. The unique feature of this crepe is that it is wrapped in a bamboo leaf. The subtle aroma of bamboo leaf is sure to stir up your appetite!

3. Castella from “Iwanaga Baijuken”

When you think of Nagasaki, Castella pound cakes immediately come to mind. Castella from “Iwanaga Baijuken”are not sold at the train station or souvenir shops, and requires reservation. It is a well-established dessert shop, founded in 1830.
This Castella pound cake is exquisite, and even the locals rarely get to eat it. It is only available in limited quantities, and reservation is required. Be sure to reserve one before you head to the store. Moist, chewy texture created by select ingredients, is sure to captivate your taste buds.

These 3 stores are all around Hamamachi area, such that you can get to all of them on foot. They are conveniently accessible via streetcars from common tourist spots such as Glover Garden and Dutch Slope. If you are interested, do make time to visit, especially because they are located in a convenient, easy-to-find location.

Top image:長崎街道シュガーロード

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