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If you come to Miyazaki, by all means try these dishes! I can tell you about three off-the-beaten-path gourmet spots that serve up exquisite food unique to Miyazaki.

There are many points of interest and delicious gourmet locations in Miyazaki where one can experience the both regional flavors and the character of the prefecture’s citizens. Because I am a Miyazaki native, this time I can be your guide to three gourmet spots off the beaten path that serve up exquisite dishes unique to Miyazaki.

1. Tomato Noodle Shop’s Tomato Ramen.

First up is the tomato ramen served at Tomato Noodle Shop, located by Hasugaike Pond in Miyazaki. While no image may come to mind upon hearing the words “tomato ramen,” this dish’s unique characteristics are refined to say the least. The atmosphere of Tomato Noodle Shop is also just as refined. First time visitors may think that the atmosphere is more akin to a Western-style restaurant than a ramen shop. The tomato ramen dish features thin, pasta-like noodles in a soup with a tonkotsu base. Subtly flavored tomatoes are used liberally. By all means, please try it with the cheese topping! Being that the shop’s interior design has cute displays that are very popular with women, women also readily come to enjoy a meal for one.

2. Ushino-ya Grill’s Stone-Roasted Bibimbap

To those in the know in the city of Takanabemachi, Ushino-ya Grill is a famous restaurant. Ushino-ya Grill achieved two consecutive titles in the Wagyu Olympics using primarily Miyazaki beef. Therefore, for visitors wanting to try grilled Miyazaki beef should certainly pay a visit to this store.
Of the many items on the menu, my recommendation is the stone-roasted bibimbap. There is a reason that I recommend stone-roasted bibimbap, which is a meatless dish. Ushino-ya is a famous grill. Because everyone knows that the meat is exceptional, a very large number of people can go home satisfied after eating only delicious meat. But they would be returning home without knowing how delicious the stone-roasted bibimbap is! The best part is the combination of the superb salty-sweet dipping sauce and the multicolored vegetables that have been scorched just right. Furthermore, the umami flavors of this superb dish become even better if you top the stone-roasted bibimbap off with grilled meat. Adding the some of the store’s soy sauce or miso deepens the flavor even further. I highly recommend that you try this little-known menu item at Ushino-ya Grill, which is itself a hidden gem.

3. Nanjakora Daifuku at Hideyaka Confectionery’s flagship store.

From the name alone ,it is probably difficult to picture what sort of daifuku the “Nanjakora Daifuku” sold at Hidaka Confectionery’s flagship store is. As might be expected from a stuffed rice cake called the “Nanjakora Daifuku,” or “What is This! Daifuku,” the filling is amazing. Strawberries, chestnuts, and cheese are added to standard red bean jam, in a unique clash of flavors. But it is so delicious! The flavor changes depending on which section of the daifuku you are eating. Even though it is an exceptionally large daifuku, you’ll finish the last bite without tiring of eating it. There is also a product called the “Nanjakore Cream Puff” which uses cream in place of red bean jam. Those who don’t like red bean jam should try the “Nanjakore Cream Puff” while those who don’t like cream should try the “Nanjakora Daifuku.” People with a sweet tooth will undoubtedly be satisfied!

There are still many more stores in Miyazaki that are packed with fascinating and delicious items. Make your way to Miyazaki where you can give your palate something to enjoy.

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