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I Want Everyone to Learn More About Shizuoka! 3 Little-Known Shizuoka Tourist Spots from a Local

There are many sightseeing spots in Shizuoka, from historical buildings to natural waterfalls that were included in the “Selected 100 Waterfalls of Japan.” Even among these, here we’ll introduce engaging and interesting places to lovers of travel who have visited the standard spots a number of times.

1. Shizuoka Municipal Nihondaira Zoo

This zoo is distinguished by its concept of different viewpoints: it allows visitors to see animals in reality from unique angles.
For example, usually you watch polar bears from above as they walk around and swim, but at this zoo you can observe them from below in a glass tunnel. The ability to fully enjoy a powerful animal up close makes this a very popular exhibit among visitors! The zoo offers various other 3D habitats and observation routes. View seals swimming in a cylindrical tank, observe red pandas from various angles, and enjoy the many animals from unusual viewpoints at this engaging zoo.

2. Hamamatsu Air Park

At Hamamatsu Air Park, you can learn about the progression of aircraft history in Japan, and there are a great number of aircrafts from past and present on display.
Since the guideplates detail everything about aircraft creation from the engine to the functions of each part, this is a fabulous place for airplane fans. There are also a café where you can look out on the runway, a flight simulator, and an experience corner where you can try on the uniforms of people who actually work at the air base. On top of that, there are also airframes where you can sit in the cockpit of the real machines on display, which also makes this a thrilling experience for parents with kids.

3. Dairy Kingdom Oratche

Even for Shizuoka Prefecture, the town of Kannami thrives with dairy farms. Dairy Kingdom Oratche makes great use of local assets and is a well-known tourist spot. Its selling point is the dairy park where you can have hands-on experiences: try harvesting vegetables at Oratche Farm, milking a cow, or picking organic chamomile. Since experiences differ depending on the harvest season, you can have fun no matter what season you visit. It’s extremely popular for parents with children. The huge corn field maze open every July is especially popular, and is part of a great limited-time event. Dairy Kingdom Oratche also contains a barbecue business that makes use of its expansive grounds. How about enjoying the scenic view with friends at an outdoor barbecue, followed by some exercise for digestion?

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