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NIPPON’s four seasons

The Epitome of Summer! 5 Recommended Kanto Fireworks Shows

Summer means fireworks! But it seems like there are a lot of people who don’t know what kind of festivals there are, or where they can find them. We’ll be introducing 5 recommended fireworks shows you can visit in the Kanto area. 1.Sumida River Fireworks Festival (Tokyo) This fireworks show …

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A Feature of Japanese New Year—Hatsumode! Let’s take one more look at the rituals and practices of Japan’s traditional religions (Shinto)

While the Japanese new year cannot be celebrated without hatsumode, many of us are amazingly unfamiliar with the etiquettes for it. So, let’s take a look at them and brush them up. (The following article contains information on rituals and practices that include components based on Japan’s traditional religions (such …

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The five firework shows of Kanto and Kansai you need to see when you come to Japan

Nothing says summer quite like the spectacle of fireworks, those explosions of color dancing across the night sky. Looking up, all you can think to yourself is, “Ah, Summer’s here at last.” From Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south, as soon as Summer comes around, regions all …

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Tips for foreigners! 5 Autumn Leaves Spots From All Over the Country You Must Absolutely Visit If you Come To Japan

Japanese autumn leaves have become really popular among foreigners these days! Here is a selection of 5 autumn leaves spots from all over the country recommended for foreigners who are interested in them. ①:Kyoto’s Shrines and Temples As everyone knows, Kyoto is a very famous tourist destination. The whole city …

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5 best flower-watching spots you must see when you visit Japan in spring

Japanese love cherry blossoms. Today I will tell you about the best of flower-watching spots I have actually visited and want you to see. I have included spots where not only can you see beautiful cherry blossoms but also you can savor Japan’s representative mood. 1. Hirosaki Castle The first …

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