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Choosing a present for your friends abroad? Here are 10 best casual souvenirs from Japan

It can be difficult for a Japanese person to know what makes good souvenirs for people abroad. This post will help you with 10 picks of Japanese souvenirs that are easy to buy and popular for foreigners. 1.Facial sheet packs While Japanese cosmetics are popular worldwide from expensive to casual …

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Everyone needs to know about…Yamanashi! The top 3 hidden spots only locals know about.

Near Tokyo and encircled by Mount Fuji and the southern alps, you’ll find the Yamanashi prefecture. This time, we’ll be introducing some of the top hidden sightseeing spots in this picturesque area. Spot 1: A delicious fruit-picking experience Yamanashi is the number one producer of grapes and peaches in Japan! …

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Must-Try in Aomori! Little-Known Aomori Gourmet Foods Chosen by Locals

If you’re visiting Aomori, you probably know about arajiru soup; but you absolutely must try other seafood items like tuna rice bowls, fresh grilled scallops, sashimi, and more. The fresh seafood of Aomori is so good that the moment you put namero (minced fish with strong seasonings) or aburitoro nigiri …

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Japan’s outstanding traditional craftsmanship and Cool Japan’s latest designs come to life! Traditional techniques live on in these five recommended general selections.

When it comes to traditional handicrafts, Japan’s craftsmanship techniques have been carefully passed down through the hands of people in each producing region. With a history dating back over 100 years, artisans make full use of ancient skills to handcraft a wealth of products which are in line with the …

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The Beautiful World of Wagashi ~ A Beginner’s Guide for Better Enjoyment of Japanese Sweets

The wagashi has long been a beloved treat in Japan for not only its flavor and fragrance, but also its appealing appearance, and some may compare it to deeply tasteful bite-sized works of art. Having captivated the hearts of all Japanese young and old, the wagashi has also attracted many …

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