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When You Visit Tohoku, Casually Visit These 3 Reasonable Hot Springs Recommended by Locals!

No matter where you go in Japan, every region is blessed with hot springs; but this guide introduces little-known hot springs particular to the Tohoku region that come recommended by locals. 1. Mt. Osore, Aomori Prefecture Mt. Osore is famous for its “itako,” blind women who are spiritual mediums; however, …

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Must-Try in Aomori! Little-Known Aomori Gourmet Foods Chosen by Locals

If you’re visiting Aomori, you probably know about arajiru soup; but you absolutely must try other seafood items like tuna rice bowls, fresh grilled scallops, sashimi, and more. The fresh seafood of Aomori is so good that the moment you put namero (minced fish with strong seasonings) or aburitoro nigiri …

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I want everyone to know! Let me tell you about 3 tourist spots that are off the beaten path in Aomori

Aomori is a famous tourist spot, known throughout Japan for its delicious apples, the Tsugaru Straits, and more. On the other hand, just like other prefectures, Aomori has many spots that are off the beaten path- charming locations that are not well-known throughout the land. 1. Kabushima, in Hachinohe city, …

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