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A casual experience with traditional Japanese clothes! A service where you can enjoy the city in a cultured way

When enjoying sightseeing or a date in the traditional areas of Kyoto, Asakusa, or Kamakura, it can be a new and interesting experience to explore the city in traditional Japanese clothes. We would like to introduce the traditional Japanese clothing services that tourists can enjoy without any preparation. 1.Rental kimono …

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Experience the Ultimate in Relaxation! 3 Famous Local Onsens You Should Visit If You Come to the Kinki Region

Ōsaka and Hyōgo, Nanki in Wakayama, Kōsei and Kotou in Shiga, Ise in Mie, and all of Nara and Kyōto—the Kinki region is overflowing with attractions and highlights for tourists. There are plenty of historical buildings, as well as shrines and temples of every kind to visit, not to mention …

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Enjoy the best relaxing experience! We recommend 3 popular local onsen hot springs that you must go when you visit Chubu.

Here are 3 highly-recommended popular onsen spots that you must go when you visit Chubu. We will introduce the charm of the hot springs and some local information! 1.Gero Onsen – Gifu Prefecture The Gero Onsen hot springs of Gifu Prefecture are easily accessible by taking National Route 41, so …

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It’s easy to enjoy the monk experience in Tokyo! Introducting three programs giving you full access to the temple experience plus an easy how-to on their use, perfect for first-time tourists.

When you ask why someone visits a temple, a lot of people might say they’re going to pray, or for talismans. But what you may not know is that many other programs exist that offer other experiences. Here we’ll guide you through three such programs in the Tokyo area that …

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