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An Introduction to Shrines, and Questions You Might Feel It’s Too Late to Ask: Let’s take one more look at the rituals and practices of Japan’s traditional religions (Shinto).

The first day of the year, regular days, unlucky years, lucky years, and weddings. These are some of the many times practically every Japanese person has visited a Shinto shrine. But when you stop and think about it, do you really know what to do at shrines? Can you explain …

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Japanese sake, the global phenomenon — try it for yourself! An up-to-date beginner’s guide to Japanese sake.

We’re beginning to see renewed interest in Japanese sake from young people here in Japan. Its meteoric rise is far from over abroad as well. According to the National Tax Agency (NTA), 2015 saw 14 billion yen worth of sake exports. That’s 121.8% of the previous year, making it the …

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The Beautiful World of Wagashi ~ A Beginner’s Guide for Better Enjoyment of Japanese Sweets

The wagashi has long been a beloved treat in Japan for not only its flavor and fragrance, but also its appealing appearance, and some may compare it to deeply tasteful bite-sized works of art. Having captivated the hearts of all Japanese young and old, the wagashi has also attracted many …

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The profound world of the “sushi” – An introduction to first-timers at the sushi counter

Sushi has come to head the top of the list when it comes to popular foods for foreigners who visit Japan. Its beauty, its delicious taste made from the pairing of the sushi rice and the topping, and more than anything else, it being a healthy option is the secret …

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