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I want people to know more about Kagawa! Here are my three personal favorite little- known hot spots in Kagawa.

As I look out on to the beautiful Seto Inland Sea, I think that the word picturesque perfectly describes Kagawa Prefecture, or the native-born Udon Prefecture as it is known throughout Japan. Kagawa Prefecture’s slogan is “we’re no just the Udon Prefecture.” In order for you to fully enjoy Kagawa …

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The relaxing experience of a lifetime! A local guide to the three of the most famous onsen resorts you’ll want to visit in Shikoku.

Shikoku is home to numerous famous landmarks and tourist attractions, such as the famous “Shimanami Kaido Highway.” Here you’ll also find a host of other wonderful attractions, such as Marugame Castle, Matsuyama Castle, Uwajima Castle, and Kōchi Castle (all some of Japan’s original 12 castles), the Kotohira-gu and Kinsenji shrines, …

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