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I Want Everyone to Learn More About Shizuoka! 3 Little-Known Shizuoka Tourist Spots from a Local

There are many sightseeing spots in Shizuoka, from historical buildings to natural waterfalls that were included in the “Selected 100 Waterfalls of Japan.” Even among these, here we’ll introduce engaging and interesting places to lovers of travel who have visited the standard spots a number of times. 1. Shizuoka Municipal …

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What to eat in Shizuoka! A local’s take on the top 3 gourmet hot-spots in Shizuoka.

If you ever find yourself in Shizuoka, check out these secret gourmet hotspots when you’re out and about. 1. Try the “Genkotsu Hamburger”! First, I can’t recommend “Charcoal-Grilled Restaurant Sawayaka” enough. As any Shizuokan can tell you, this hamburger-steak restaurant chain is exclusive to the Shizuoka prefecture, and is the …

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